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New tray erector with 100 percent folding accuracy

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HBM Packaging Technologies , who represent OYSTAR A+F of Kirchlengern, Germany, have announced the release of a new servo-controlled ‘Baseline’ tray erector, which has 100% folding accuracy. Due to its modular design, the machine can operate as a freestanding unit or be integrated with other A+F downstream packaging machines such as: 

  • Robotic product loading (single & double layer)
  • Tray lid applicator
  • Shrink wrapper
Particularly suited for Dairy, Food & Beverage products, the modular design allows the Baseline to be configured as a single-head or dual-head machine, enabling it to process up to 76 cartons per minute. As with all of OYSTAR A+F machines, the Baseline tray erector is suitable for use in wet environments

The machine is capable of handling trays with base dimensions of 200 x 300 to 400 mm and a height of 40 to 150 mm. In order to achieve 100% accuracy in repeated folding movements, a stamp is used to ensure precise internal dimensions after the first fold.

By consistently using adjustment options, the need for interchange parts can be kept to a minimum. The machine features a number of ball bearings folding elements, which mean that a central lubrication system is not necessary – thus cutting maintenance costs for the user.

All servo drives are equipped with absolute value transmitters, which mean that reference runs are not necessary even after downtime; it takes just a short time for the machine to be ready for operation again. The machine is operated using a Siemens Touchpanel TP 270, which also contains all of the programs required for servicing and maintenance.

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