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Krauss Maffei hit the ‘milestone 100th Duroset machine sale to MKW with a CX Duroset Injection Moulding Machine

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Krauss-Maffei GmbH of Munich Germany has recently installed the 100th CX Duroset injection moulding machine at Austrian plastics processor MKW, where it will to be used to produce thermoset plastic components.  

The 100th Duroset machine installed was the CX 80-750 DUR, which is equipped with the DuroSet process, working with free-flowing granulates. It’s versatility means that it is also capable of handling polyester moulding compounds. MKW will use the machine to produce components of office furniture that would typically have been made of die-cast metal. The manufacturing cell includes a LRX 50 linear robot for transverse parts removal.  

Thermoset parts are used in a wide range of demanding applications such as lighting and electrical components, under hood automotive, headlight components, water pump components, brake pistons gears, pulleys etc.  Important characteristics of thermoset materials are high strength, stiffness and hardness as well as outstanding resistance to temperature extremes.  

Krauss Maffei thermoset machines feature highly wear-resistant screws without a non-return valve. The plasticized material is injected into a heated mould, under pressure and heat, the material cures by way of chemical crosslinking (polymerization). The plasticizing process is tailored exactly to the specific thermoset compound. The screws are characterized by high drive moments, high injection pressures and low screw speeds. A liquid-based temperature-control system for the barrel keeps the compound at precisely the right temperature. Included in the comprehensive standard program are functions such as mould-breathing and compression control, automatic purging and finely adjustable back pressure.  

The Duroset series is part of the popular CX injection moulding machine series which covers the small to medium clamp force range (35 to 650t) and is popular for its high flexibility, cost effectiveness and high part quality.  

Krauss Maffei manufactures state-of-the art Injection Moulding machines, Extruders and ancillary equipment and is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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