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IntraVis Vision Systems appoint HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies as sales and service partner

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IntraVis Vision Systems have announced the appointment of HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies as their sales and service partner in Australia and New Zealand for their range of in-line vision inspection systems. IntraVis Vision Systems installed a high speed, five camera system at a plastic container manufacturer.

IntraVis supply video inspection systems for monitoring quality in the plastics and packaging industries. The vision machines/video inspection systems are designed to perform in-line inspection of plastic, glass or metal packaging and components. These inspection systems find or eject defects ranging from the shape, colour, contamination, or dimensional variances.

Itravis Vision Systems supply the following standard quality inspection systems:

  • Bottlewatcher for shape and neck finishes, label placement and cap verification
  • Spotwatcher for contamination of plastic/glass containers or plastic parts
  • Colorwatcher for colour deviation and intensity
  • Capwatcher for pin holes, short shot, cavity number, colour, ovality including metal closures
  • Labelwatcher for wrinkles, bubbles, positioning, print quality and correct label type
  • PETwatcher for PET bottle neck finishes, contamination and gate position
  • Prewatcher for PET preform un-melts, neck finish, wall section, gate vestige/position and polarity
  • Printwatcher for print quality, registration, missing print and blemishes
  • Snipwatcher for mono and coex bottles for contamination, inner bottle and trim quality
  • Intrawatcher for ensuring laser engraving integrity

Using the Intravis Vision Systems’ in-house developed software, the equipment can inspect (and eject) individual parts at a rate of up to 40 parts per second depending on the application. Set-up can be achieved in minutes with the user friendly set-up features and SQC functions. Easy to use variable parameter settings, RFID operator access can ensure integrity for in-line inspection. Data/history storage capability is standard.

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