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IntraVis SpotWatcher video inspection systems from HBM Packaging & Plastics Technology

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Recently released by IntraVis Vision Systems and available from HBM Packaging & Plastics Technology  the SpotWatcher is an automated video inspection system that detects contamination in bottles on a production filling line.

The SpotWatcher uses four cameras for simultaneous 360° inspection, reducing the need for unnecessary handling, and analyses the surface of plastic containers for pinholes, burn marks, streaks and other flaws. They video inspection system is high speed and can inspect (and reject) at a rate of up to 420 containers per minute without interrupting production. 

Individual product settings are stored in a database and can be recalled at the touch of a button, enabling the SpotWatcher to switch easily between different products. The intuitive set process of the video inspection system enhances the establishment of optimal settings for new products and can typically be set up within minutes.

Complementary online vision inspection machinery available from IntraVis includes:-

  • LabelWatcher - Can identify errors with the position and identity of the label. It recognises wrinkles and bubbles protruding more than 0.75mm, and sorts out defective products including incorrect text and colour without interrupting production.
  • CrownWatcher – Ensures that plastic or metal closures / caps are applied to bottles correctly. The system can process up to 1,200 objects per minute. It identifies wrong closures / identity (colour and print), damaged or missing tamper evident band, crooked closure and bullnose or domed tops.

IntraVis, represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies, are a global supplier of video inspection systems for monitoring quality in the plastics and packaging industries and have more than 1600 systems installed in over 24 countries. 

The Vision inspection machines are designed to perform in-line inspection of plastic, glass & metal packaging and components and to find and eject defects ranging from the shape, colour, contamination, or dimensional variances.

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