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An uplifting change in palletising

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The use of robots in palletising applications has become more and more popular thanks to the proven technology and experience gained from the automotive industry, according to Barton Porter of HBM .

“In recent years the main performance change is in terms of maximum payload that can be handled and complexity of heads for multiple applications,” Braton told Packaging.

“Generally speaking, most robots can lift up to 400 kg, making them suitable to palletise a complete layer of beverage packages at a time (i.e. bundles of PET bottles of mineral water, cartons of glass bottles of beer, etc.)

Individual heads, says Porter, can now handle everything from product to pallet, ie. cases, tray and film multipacks, loose bottles, slip sheets, layer dividers, plastic trays, top frames etc.

“Customers demand flexibility and an operator free work area (cell),” Porter says.

“In effect robots are more flexible and reliable compared to traditional palletisers: size change operations usually don’t need any mechanical adjustment or replacement… operators are, therefore, not required.”


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