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Hauzer introduces Rapid Tool Coater

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article image The Rapid Tool Coater provides high productivity.

HAUZER’S Rapid Tool Coater RTC850 offers short cycle time for classic hard coatings such as TiN, AlTiN and CrN on cutting and forming tools.

This new production PVD machine has been specifically engineered by Hauzer to meet the needs for job coaters and in house manufacturers for short cycle time, low cost of ownership and compact size.

Products are loaded on a rotary table of Ø 520mm with 8 spindles of Ø 120mm and effective coating height of 500mm.

The compact chamber has been designed for good access through one front door, minimum degassing, quick exchange of heaters, shields and targets.

Hauzer has designed fine CARC cathodes for fast deposition of smooth coatings. Two sets of six CARC cathodes are mounted in the left hand and in the right hand wall.

Heaters are fitted at the back side and in the door, allowing process temperature up to 600ºC.

A high throughput turbo pump on top of the chamber takes care of efficient evacuation and process vacuum.

The Rapid Tool Coater offers high flexibility and high productivity. The small footprint is only 1.6m x 3.4m with free standing control module. Installation is plug and play.

The Rapid Tool Coater will be shown during EMO Hannover at the Hauzer booth Hall 3, D04.

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