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3M Spray Adhesives from Harry Daines

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Harry Daines Pty Ltd  have a wide range of spray adhesives and cleaner products to prepare, bond, clean, and generally handle a wide variety of jobs.

3M 74 foam fast spray adhesive

This adhesive bonds flexible urethane or latex foam surfaces together or to wood, metal and many plastics. It is suitable for permanent mounting.

3M 75 repositionable spray adhesive

This adhesive bonds many lightweight materials, including paper, cardboard, acetate, foil, fabrics, and plastic sheeting. It will not bleed through, stain or wrinkle most materials and it adheres in seconds. It also has an extra-long tack range that allows for the repositioning of materials when mounting.

3M 76 high tack spray adhesive

These adhesives bond hard to hold materials, such as polyethylene and polypropylene. It also bonds SBR rubber, fabric, felt, cardboard, cork, foil and plastics to themselves or to wood, metal and glass. For example, it can be used on door skins, aircraft interiors, swimming pool liners, and pool table fabrics. This quick tack adhesive is the strongest one surface aerosol adhesive in Harry Daines’ line. It produces a permanent bond.

3M 77 super spray adhesive

This is particularly good for use on display items and furniture. It bonds thin decorative film, foils and fabrics. Also, it can bond gaskets in water pumps and attaches insulation to sheet metal. It provides high coverage; a fast, aggressive tack; and a long bonding range. It is a very versatile adhesive for a permanent bond.

3M 80 neoprene contact adhesive

This can be used for all types of rubber bonding, except EPDM. It adheres stainless steel panels, stiffeners, metal kick plates and most plastics, laminates and wood products. Fast drying and fast bonding, it is a durable, high strength adhesive

3M 90 hi-strength spray adhesive

These adhesives are good for particle board, polyethylene, polypropylene and SBR rubber. It bonds decorative laminates to tables, cabinets, and shelving, kick plates to desks, and plastic sign lettering to wood. It is excellent for many decorative laminates because it dries in 1 to 2 minutes. It has a variable spray width and precise spray control.

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