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Water treatment coagulants from Hardman Australia

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Hardman Australia  offers a comprehensive range of coagulants for water treatment according to the requirements and budget of the customers.

Hardman Australia is well-known for supplying water treatment chemicals for either specialised water treatment or potable water treatment problems.

The professionals at Hardman Australia offer assistance to the customers by testing the samples of wastewater or water and advice on the right use of coagulants. These professionals assist customers and advise them on the proper use of coagulants for phosphate removal as well.

The coagulants from Hardman Australia have several advantages including less alkali addition, better performance in the removal of organic matter and low residual aluminium concentration in the treated water.

These coagulants have the ability to function at lower dosages that leads to low sludge volumes. Various products for treatment of potable wastewater and water from Hardman Australia include Alchlor-AC, PAC-SP, PAC-PW and Ferric sulphate.

Alchlor-AC is a concentrated poly aluminium chloride solution with better coagulation properties. These chemicals are non corrosive and are easy to transport and store. Ferric sulphate solution is used for general coagulation applications and is non corrosive. Thus, it can be stored easily in mild steel tanks.

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