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Pulp and paper chemicals and antiperspirant actives from Hardman Australia

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Hardman Australia  specialises in the manufacture of pulp and paper chemicals including polyaluminium chloride products and also supplies various antiperspirant actives.

Hardman Australia supplies a complete range of polyaluminium chloride products to various paper and pulp manufacturers. These products are widely used in effluent treatment, process water and paper making process. Polyaluminium chloride is useful in controlling anionic substances and as a drainage or retention aid.

These polyaluminium chlorides from Hardman Australia have several benefits in a wide variety of paper making applications. These products minimise deposits in the critical areas of the machine, improves paper quality, drainage and machine speed.

The polyaluminium chlorides from Hardman Australia also reduce downtime due to improved operations. It is also easy to reduce the use of wet end additives such as starch and retention polymers because of these polyaluminium chlorides. Reduction in the discharge load to the wastewater treatment plant, reduced acidity to the mill water and better control of anionic substances in the furnish are some of the other benefits of these polyaluminium chlorides from Hardman Australia.

These products are beneficial in the waste treatment process and are used for sludge handling, improved water quality and nutrients removal.

Hardman Australia also supplies aluminium chlorohydrate that is suitable for a wide range of applications such as water based pump sprays, water based gels, lotions and creams, clear roll on packs and water based roll on packs.

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