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Wide range of concrete mixers available from Hallweld Bennett

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Hallweld Bennett  offers modern, state-of-the art Australian and European designed, concrete mixing and batching equipment. Hallweld Bennett offers technical support services and a full range of spare parts and those subject to wear, thereby ensuring as little loss of time for their customers as possible.

Hallweld Bennett supplies a range of concrete batching plants to cover both dry and wet mix requirements of large and small manufacturers. Hallweld Bennett offers to supply the most suitable plant to suit individual clients.

Planetary mixers of the optimum HPM range are supplied by Hallweld Bennett. This mixer guarantees production of a homogeneous mix in the shortest time possible. Here again, the Hallweld Bennett offers consultancy services to enable clients select the most appropriate equipment to suit their needs.

Turbine mixers supplied by Hallweld Bennett are mostly to suit the needs of the smaller concrete product manufacturers. These mixers come with heavy duty machines, which are designed for durability.

Hallweld Bennett also supplies a range of mixer accessories. These are microwave moisture sensing systems, (which ensure correct water-cement ratio); and various types of liners and blades, to assist wear-options.

Additionally, Hallweld Bennett also offers twin shaft compulsory mixers of a wide range, used in pre mixed concrete manufacture.

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