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Halley & Mellowes’ Greenbank provides abrasion resistant alumina linings

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The alumina linings from Halley & Mellowes ’ Greenbank provide abrasion resistance in materials handling systems. The Greenbank alumina protects equipment that is subject to rapid, abrasive wear, prolonging service life and substantially reduces equipment maintenance expense. The lining improves production continuity by materially diminishing downtime.

Greenbank alumina has resistance to both sliding and impact abrasion. It outlasts metal from three to fifteen times or more, and rubber and basalt ten to one. This exceptional toughness and durability have made it the recognised standard of the industry for long-term economy in lining industrial equipment subject to high wear.

The life of material conveyors, cyclones, duct work, and other critical equipment is increased tremendously when protected by Greenbank alumina’s superior resistance to abrasion and erosion. Moreover, where product contamination must be considered, Greenbank alumina’s chemical inertness provides immunity to corrosive chemical attack.

Greenbank alumina has a unique composition as it is a high-alumina. Being extremely dense, ceramic material, its high purity alumina crystals are bonded together with a crystalline aluminum silicate that insures the integrity of the ceramic shape after firing. Harder than tool steel and close to diamonds in hardness, it possesses durability, as indicated on the accompanying Moh Scale of Hardness.

The applications for Greenbank alumina linings are almost endless in material handling systems for dry materials, slurries, or dust-laden gases. This is a lining that thrives under dry, moist, or wet conditions. Wherever granular materials are transported or where particulate laden gases are handled, Greenbank alumina will protect those surfaces that deteriorate rapidly from abrasion.

Greenbank alumina ceramic linings produce measurable savings. These are fully documented. The cost benefits include:

· Elimination of metal parts replacement

· Maintenance labour savings

· Increased productivity through elimination of downtime for repairs

· Total protection from material contamination

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