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Halley & Mellowes’ Cerama-Tech produces high performance industrial alumina

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Cerama-Tech, a division of Halley & Mellowes ’ Greenbank Terotech, is an Australian company that has been manufacturing high performance industrial and scientific products for more than a decade. Cerama-Tech specialises in high purity, high density, fine-grained alumina. The material used is strong, hard, chemically inert, heat resistant and electrically insulating.

Cerama-Tech also specialises in batch runs from a few to a few hundred and can form simple or intricate shapes, thick or thin, large or small, with very good as-formed tolerances. Prototyping is another specialty.

Cerama-Tech supplies linings for wear resistance in heavy industrial materials handling such as coal fired power station fuel lines and waste streams, mining and minerals processing, chemical processing; specialised refractories such as flux/ abrasion resistant burners, heat shields, reactor tubes, reactor vessel liners; and high mechanical & dielectric strength electrical insulators such as emission control systems and heater supports.

Cerama-Tech supplies linings for pipe liners, tubes, cylinders, special shapes, special tiles, cyclone liners/ classifier liners, electrical insulators, aluminium casting, extruding and prototyping products.

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