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Punching machines and laser cutting machines supplied by Haco Australia

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Haco Australia  offers reengineering and retrofitting services for a number of equipment needs of the clients. Haco Australia has more than twenty years of experience in this industry. Haco Australia supplies gamut of machines and equipment to the clients like hydraulic press brakes, hydraulic shears, angle notching machines, CNC punching machines, CNC plasma cutting machines, CNC laser cutting machines, roll bending machines and more. Haco Australia also offers CNC punch / plasma combination machines.

Additionally, Haco Australia provides sheet metal software. In Kingsland Ironworkers range of products, Haco Australia offers compact range machines, MULTI range machines, punching machines and various other tooling options to the clients. In Mubea Ironworkers range, Haco Australia offers various products and services like plate processing, punching machines and more. This also renders the machines of the HP, IVP, KLH, HIW and MIW series into centre pieces of flexible manufacturing engineering.

Furthermore, Haco Australia specialises in PVC, aluminium and wood works. Haco Australia provides metal working and second hand machines to the clients. Haco Australia claims to serve wood, PVC, and aluminium machines market. Haco Australia is premium suppliers of standard machines and NC controlled machines. Some of the special offerings from Haco Australia include BANDSAW: TRAMATIC 370A, LASER: FLY-2 XLB P1, PLASMA: Ductmaster3015 and more.

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