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1720E low range turbidimeters from Hach Pacific with one-point calibration

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article image 1720E low range turbidimeter with one-point calibration

Hach Pacific  presents the 1720E low range turbidimeters designed for accuracy, simplicity and fast calibration in turbidity measurements.  

Model 1720E turbidimeters feature a simplified two-module design including the sensor and the controller interface. The controller accepts two turbidity sensors; adding a second 1720E sensor makes a system with two complete turbidity meters.  

A continuously flowing sample flows through the patented bubble removal system, which vents entrained air from the sample stream and eliminates even the smallest interference in low level turbidity measurement. The 1720E turbidimeter is not affected by variations in flow and pressure.  

The 1720E low range turbidimeters apply the instrument design and meet performance criteria established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in Method 180.1, making them suitable for regulatory reporting.  

The 1720E turbidimeters allow Nephelometric measurement wherein incandescent light directed from the sensor head assembly down into the turbidimeter body is scattered by suspended particles in the sample. The sensor's submerged photocell detects light scattered at 90º from the incident beam.  

The sample enters the centre column of the turbidimeter, rises into the measuring chamber and spills over the weir into the drain port. This configuration results in an optical flat surface free of turbulence.  

The 1720E turbidimeter uses the sc200 controller to receive data from up to two sensors. A built-in data logger collects turbidity measurement readings at user selectable intervals (1-15 minutes), along with calibration and verification points, alarm history, and instrument setup changes.  

Communication is enabled by MODBUS/RS485 or MODBUS/RS232. The connections are simple plug and play. The 1720E low range turbidimeters come with a 2-year warranty.  

Calibration and verification can be performed without loss of sample flow using the ICE-PIC calibration/ verification module.  

One-point calibration with prepared StablCal stabilised formazin solution eliminates the errors of user-prepared formazin suspension dilution.  

Key features of the ICE-PIC module:  

  • Calibrates or verifies the performance of each sensor in less than one minute
  • Factory calibrated and provided with a certificate of accuracy
  • Cost effective, one-time investment; no consumables needed
  • Small, lightweight design can be used for spot verification in the facility
  • Available in 20 and 1.0 NTU


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