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Economical, Low Pressure Injection Quills from H2O Rx

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Saf-T-Flo injection quills, designed for injecting chemical solutions into pressurised water mains and process piping systems are now available from H2O Rx / Chemical System Consulting .

The 650 kPa-rated Saf-T-Flo retractable injection quills enable operators to execute inspection or maintenance processes without shutting down the mains.

Operators can safely remove and insert the PVC or CPVC solution tubes for inspection or maintenance while the mains remain in service, eliminating downtime.

Suitable for low pressure installations, the 650 kPa-rated retractable injection quills are designed specifically for applications in water mains where pressures do not exceed 650 kPa.

Saf-T-Flo low pressure injection quills feature a single stainless steel hook and chain that locks the solution tube securely to the main connection. The stainless steel limit chain will also stop the solution tube from extending past the main connection during withdrawal.

The solution tube adapter and packing nut thread together, compressing the 300 series O-Ring to form a tight seal around the outer diameter of the solution tube.

Saf-T-Flo retractable chemical injection quills are now available in Australia and New Zealand through H2O Rx.

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