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Aquascan 900 PDA Correlator available from Gutermann

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The Aquascan 900 PDA Correlator is Gutermann ’s powerful multi-sensor digital leak noise correlator. When the sensors are deployed either side of the leak on fittings it analyses leak noise on the pipe to locate the leak position.

Aquascan 900 PDA Correlator features:

  • First palm hand-held operated correlator
  • Compact sensors with built-in radio transceiver
  • Fully digital
  • High precision on all pipe materials
  • Multi point correlation with 3 or more radio sensors
  • Automatic velocity check
  • Fully automatic filter and parameter setting
  • Enter pipe details at site, or later
  • Powerful transceiver for interactive communication
  • Remote listen to any sensor via Palm PDA.

Multi point system allows correlation between any number of sensors:

The Aquascan 900 is available as a dual, triple or multi sensor system, providing correlation between any number of sensors.

PDA based correlator:

The Aquascan 900 PDA correlator converts a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) into a flexible, powerful and portable high-precision leak detection and pinpointing instrument.

Automatic velocity check:

An innovative feature allows automatic velocity check where pipe material and diameter may be unknown.

Compact sensors with built-in transceiver:

Using new technology, the size and weight has been reduced to a minimum. The sensor/accelerometer and transmitter/receiver are combined into a single, compact sensor with built-in transceiver, meaning no separate transmitter, cable, or sensor/accelerometer is required – simply place the combined transmitting sensor directly onto the valve spindle or chosen point of connection with the pipeline.

Fully digital system offers high performance and precision on all pipe materials:

The Aquascan 900 PDA Correlator is fully digital and offers high performance and precision on all pipe materials without the known disadvantages of analogue radio transmission.

User-friendly Palm OS based operating software:

The Aquascan 900 Palm OS based operating software allows easy entry of pipe data and displays correlation results in a user-friendly format.

Automatic filter and parameter setting:

The PDA software also features fully automatic or user-selectable filter and parameter settings, full FFT and coherence analysis and individual sensor sound monitoring and signal strength bars.

Enter pipe details at site, or later:

Additionally, pipe details can be entered at site or entered/corrected later for a fully revised leak position.

Powerful transceiver for interactive communication:

The Aquascan 900 PDA Correlator offers another innovation in correlation technology: For the first time, the sensors are equipped with a transceiver allowing the user interactive communication with the sensor for optimising the adjustment of the measurement settings in the sensor.

Remote listening to any sensor:

With Aquascan 900 the operator can also perform vital leak sounding by simply selecting any sensor via the PDA.

The operator can then listen to all noise activity picked up by each sensor entirely remotely and in true wireless digital sound quality.

Large memory of correlation files and direct printout from PDA:

All correlation files and leak positions can be printed out directly from the PDA, or can easily be stored and/or transferred to a PC using widely available Memory Expansion Cards inserted into the PDA.

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