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Oscillator and ceramic weld backings

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article image Increased productivity and weld quality.

WELD efficiency and quality is improved with the Gullco Kat oscillator combination system and KATBAK ceramic backings.

The advanced oscillator package increases productivity and improves weld quality by providing precise automation of welding applications.

The Gullco Kat oscillator imparts pendulum, tangential or step motion to the welding gun with adjustable stroke widths, speeds and dwell times. When combined with the precision controlled travel speed of the Kat carriage, a wide range of weld patterns can be produced.

Gullco KATBAK ceramic weld backings enables X-ray quality root welds in one pass, full penetration welding from one side and uniform backbeads of finish quality.

It is available in a variety of shapes and formats to suit most welding applications. KATBAK is available on self-adhesive foil tape for easy, accurate application.

The use of Gullco KATBAK can significantly reduce weld costs by eliminating the need for grinding, gouging, re-working defects, and re-welding.

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