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GS1 Australia has launched Barcode Express, an express website for new members to order authorised GS1 Barcode numbers online. 

Barcode Express helps you get your barcode numbers online in an easy, instant and secure way.

Online Barcode Number Ordering Made Easy By Barcode Express
GS1 Australia's Barcode Express is straight forward, instant, secure and gives you:

  • Your own unique and licensed GS1 number
  • Your own authorised number by GS1 Australia Authorised GS1
  • An Australian barcode number which allows you to trade locally and globally

Why order your Barcode Numbers from Barcode Express
Many retailers in Australia require you to have an authorised GS1 Barcode on your product. Having the incorrect bar code on products can lead to considerable expense.

  • GS1 Australia is the only authorised place in Australia to get a GS1 Barcode number online
  • Businesses have the security of knowing their barcode numbers are locally and globally unique
  • The Barcode Express site is designed to load quickly to make the barcode online ordering process as streamlined as possible

Use Barcode Express and avoid issues such as retailers rejecting your products, having to reprint packaging and having to repackage your products.

GS1 Australia is part of a global barcoding and numbering organisation that licences authorised barcode numbers to your business that allows businesses to trade with these numbers locally and globally

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