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Digital Imaging from GS1 Australia

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When presenting products for barcode testing with GS1 Australia , a further digital imaging service is provided for members upon request whereby the product is then sent to Melbourne for the additional service. Digital imaging can serve a number of purposes including:

  • shelf space management
  • online product presentations
  • electronic cataloguing

Imaging technicians will capture the images from a variety of orientations to match industry space management specifications which are then stored on GS1 net or alternatively handed to the client on disc or emailed (depending on the image size). Members can proceed to source product images from the GS1 online catalogue.

It is recommended that products be sent to GS1 Australia for digital imaging as they would appear on the shelf, in their packaging with a spare package and including a cover letter which stipulates to whom the images should be addressed to, to whom the invoice should be directed and whether or not the product needs to be returned.

GS1 Australia goes beyond barcoding services to further provide a digital imaging service to more completely fulfill the needs of the customer.

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