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Remote control of your pumping installations

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The Remote Management System from Grundfos Pumps facilitates wireless remote control and monitoring of pumping installations anywhere and anytime.

An Internet-based online telemetric system can serve as the eyes and ears of any pumping installation or pump network by providing the user, or any municipal or governmental utilities with timely information about alarms or warnings by SMS or email on a mobile device or a PC.

Using a smartphone, a tablet PC or a PC with Internet access, the user can login anytime and anywhere to the user interface of the remote management system and get all the information of their pumping installation including operating hours, duty points, setpoints, sensor values, reports, trends, alarms and warnings among others. 

The Grundfos Remote Management System delivers several benefits to the user, helping them keep their wastewater, irrigation, agriculture, mining, water supply or water network systems operating cost-effectively. For instance, they can plan maintenance as equipment succumbs to wear and tear, or decide on renovation projects based on hard facts provided by the system.

Given the need to make best use of limited resources, onsite inspection is simply a poor use of time with pumping installations spread all over the countryside. Wireless telemetric systems can be employed for monitoring and also to perform control tasks from a PC anywhere, anytime. 

The Grundfos Remote Management System helps remedy challenges faced by wastewater and water supply operators. Decision-makers can use the performance data collected from the many pumping installations to prioritise and plan both day-to-day maintenance tasks and larger renovation projects, making the Grundfos system a very powerful tool for making public water and wastewater systems more cost-effective.

Grundfos services and hosts the system on its own corporate hosting centre, which saves customers the cost of hosting, servicing and maintaining both software and hardware. System managers only need Internet access, a standard browser, and a password to get access to the user interface to monitor and manage their pump installations.

Grundfos Remote Management System

Users get a unique overview of all pump installations in their system. Users can upload an aerial photo or map, and drag-and-drop installations to their actual location. The start-up screen then shows if there is a problem, the nature of the problem and the location of the affected installation.

Managers can plan on-call schedules months in advance to determine who will receive alarms at any given time of the day or night all year round. The recipient can log on to the system from a PC anywhere and determine the course of action to be taken. 

Changes in pump performance can be tracked using trend graphs automatically generated by the system, giving an indication of wear or damage in the installation. Service and maintenance can be planned based on the actual condition of the installation components rather than ‘time since last service’. Timely service and maintenance has a direct and positive impact on the municipality's energy consumption and operating costs.

The graphical overview of the municipal network is unique to Grundfos Remote Management and can be adjusted by the user.

Grundfos offers a range of communication components and total solutions (wireless and wired) that save time and costs, and address the real concerns operators have about remote management. 

The GRM system has been rolled out in several countries across the world.

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