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Anti-slip treatment for floors from Grip Guard Non Slip

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Anti-slip treatment on ceramic tilesGrip Guard Non Slip  have developed an anti-slip treatment for floors to protect Australians from the dangers of slippery floor surfaces.

Thousands of Australians are injured every year in slip and fall injuries. In fact, slip and fall injuries are the second largest workplace injury. Slip and fall injuries in the home are also of great concern. The young and the aged are at the greatest risk of injury. For elderly population, injuries from a fall may be permanent or even fatal. Those over the age of 65 who break a hip often will not recover from the injuries and develop additional health issues as a result.

Grip Guard Non Slip anti-slip treatment provides protection from the dangers of slip and fall injuries. The anti-slip treatment is effective for all hard floor surfaces including ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, stone and exposed aggregate.

The anti-slip treatment modifies the floor surface to increase its slip resistance - without changing the appearance of the surface. It is not an anti-slip coating that will wear off over time or an etch that can damage floor surfaces. Grip Guard Non Slip modify the floor surface microscopically to create a safe pedestrian environment in the long term.

Grip Guard Non Slip operators provide obligation free demonstrations so that property owners can feel the difference for themselves. The anti-slip properties of the floor surface are also measured using an ASM slip meter both before and after treatment. These results are recorded on the Grip Guard Non Slip warranty.

Grip Guard Non Slip operators are located throughout Australia including Melbourne (VIC), Sydney (NSW), Adelaide (SA), Perth (WA), Launceston (TAS), Brisbane (QLD), as well as regional areas.

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