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Anti-Slip Floor Treatment from Grip Guard Non Slip Enhances Pedestrian Safety

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Slippery floors pose a significant risk to pedestrians in their homes, in the workplace and in communities. Slip and fall accidents are the second most common workplace injury and business owners have a legal responsibility to ensure that floor surfaces have an adequate level of slip resistance. The Grip Guard anti-slip floor treatment from Grip Guard Non Slip has been designed to help property owners ensure their floors are safe.

Grip Guard anti-slip floor treatment:

All smooth profile flooring relies on surface absorbency to dictate how slippery it will be in wet conditions. The degree of wet floor slip resistance on smooth profile floors is dictated by the extent of moisture absorbency the surface allows under pressure.

The less absorbent the surface, the more the liquid will build up under pressure and cause a foot to aquaplane across the surface. This anti-slip treatment provided by Grip Guard Non Slip modifies the dimensions of the pore structures in a controlled way which improves wet floor slip resistance by modifying the porosity/absorbency of the topmost surface pore structure.

The special blend of chemicals finds its way into the existing pore structure and over a period of time modifies the depth of these pores. Unlike etching processes which actually eat into the surface itself and roughens the texture, Grip Guard anti-slip treatment leaves most surfaces looking like they did before and feeling the same when dry.

As this permanent modification is done to only the topmost of the pore structures, the floor can be maintained in normal fashion to provide a long lasting safety improvement. Grip Guard non-slip treatment is suitable for all stone-based floor surfaces including marble, granite, ceramic/porcelain tiles, aggregate, concrete, terrazzo and more.

The treatment is applied by Grip Guard Floor Safety operators who are trained to measure the slip resistance of floor surfaces (using an ATSM slip meter) to ascertain the degree of risk inherent in existing floor surface. They are then able to advise property owners of the appropriate non-slip treatment for any type of floor surface.

Grip Guard anti-slip treatment allows property owners, councils and businesses to address any floor safety needs to ensure that all pedestrian entering their premises are protected from the risk of potentially dangerous (and costly) slip fall injuries.

Grip Guard operators are available to provide obligation free demonstrations and quotes throughout Australia in Victoria (Melbourne), New South Wales (Sydney), South Australia (Adelaide), Western Australia (Perth), Tasmania, and Queensland (Brisbane) and other cities throughout Australia.

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