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Anti-slip floor safety solutions from Grip Guard Non Slip

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Grip Guard Floor Safety from Grip Guard Non Slip have a full range of anti-slip floor safety solutions including Grip Guard Activator treatment, Grip Guard ProStep Integrated Safety Stair Nosings, Grip Guard Tactiles, Grip Guard Anti-Slip Tapes and Grip Guard Anti-Slip floor maintenance products.

Grip Guard Activator treatment makes floors safer wet than dry. Grip Activator is a unique anti-slip floor treatment that microscopically alters the tread pattern of the floor surface and increases slip resistance. The Grip Guard treatment is invisible to the naked eye yet creates a safe floor surface for pedestrians – as well as vehicles. Grip Guard is not a coating that can wear away leaving floor surfaces dangerous to walk on nor does it etch, which can damage floor surfaces.

Grip Guard ProStep Integrated Safety Stair Nosings are designed to protect pedestrians as well as the valuable assets of property owners. These high quality safety stair nosings provide building owners with a long term, attractive, anti-slip safety solution. Meeting all Australian Standards and Building codes, Grip Guard ProStep Integrated Safety Stair Nosings are available with a polymeric (rated R-10) or carborundum (rated R-13) insert. Stair nosings are supplied pre-drilled, counter sunk and cut to length with all necessary stainless steel fixing screws ready to install. Their unique design conceals any unsightly screws to protect from tampering.

Grip Guard Tactiles (Tactile Ground Surface Indicators) are available in a range of designs including SureSteel (discrete architectural stainless steel - available with the patented Drill&Lock technology, which eliminates the need for adhesive), PolyStud (discrete architectural plastic), PolyPad Retrofit polymeric pads and Cobbletac porcelain.

Grip Guard Anti-Slip Tapes are suitable for difficult to treat substrates such as chequerplate, vinyl, fibreglass and rubber. The AquaSafe anti-slip tapes are suitable for wet areas such as bathroom, change rooms and pool area that require an anti-slip application that is suitable for bare feet. These tapes are available in transparent to blend with any floor surface. Aluminium conformable tapes provide anti-slip protection to uneven surfaces such as checker plate or timber.

Grip Guard Anti-Slip Floor Maintenance products include Traction Guard, a floor cleaner that adds slip resistance to floor surfaces and Traction Guard PLUS, a degreasing cleaner with slip resistant additives.

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