Self-Powered Industrial Vibration Switches and Monitors from Grimwood Heating


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By measuring the total accelerated force (shock) present on a machine, Robertshaw's vibration switches and monitors are able to minimise production down time and repair costs. With this information the user can proactively and strategically maintain equipment.

Unsurpassed Reliability with Robertshaw's Industrial Process Controls
Grimwood Heating’s Robertshaw industrial vibration sensors and monitors range from the standard traditional to new technologically enhanced models.
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Power supply and reset coil voltage options available - loop powered, 24 or 48VDC, and 120 or 240VAC or pneumatic
  • Output feature - alarm or shutdown with SPDT, DPDT, Solid State Triac or 4-20mA outputs
  • Surface mount or stud mount
  • Available in hazardous or non hazardous areas models
  • Easy installation procedures
  • Long lasting
  • Remote electrical and manual at unit
Avoid Unwelcome Shutdowns with Robertshaw's Start and Monitor Delays
Start, Monitor or Start and Monitor delay functions are used to prevent unwanted shutdown or alarm during initial start-up or during normal operation.

Start delays stops unwanted shutdown when the start-up vibration exceeds the set-point of the vibration monitor or switch.

Monitor delays prevents unwanted shutdown when short excessive vibration spikes which exceed the set-point of the vibration switch or monitor during normal operation of the machine.

This can be from various reasons including detonation, cavitation and other machinery in the immediate area.

Other options for Robertshaw's industrial process controls include acceleration or velocity measurement, frequency and start or monitor delays, gold contacts for low voltage applications. Grimwood Heating information and contact details


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