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Grimwood Heating stocks Model 366 Vibraswitch vibration sensors

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article image Vibraswitch vibration sensors protect machinery from excessive damage caused by vibrations

Model 366 Vibraswitch vibration sensors from Grimwood Heating have been developed to protect rotating and reciprocating machinery from extensive damage that can result from mechanical malfunction.

Vibraswitch devices measure acceleration, a vibration characteristic that is of prime importance in cases of mechanical failure in these types of machinery.

Acceleration is directly related to shock forces acting on a machine, so by measuring vibration levels, Vibraswitch units can provide a valid measurement of the destructive forces acting on a machine.

When the vibration level of a Vibraswitch protected machine exceeds normal levels by a preselected amount, an internal switch closes, actuating either an audible warning system or a shutdown circuit before damage occurs.

Designed for maintenance free service, these vibration sensors are suitable for use in permanent installations where general purpose weather resistant enclosures are required.

An increasing number of applications that use computers are adopting Vibraswitch vibration sensors, and where the devices are connected to a computer or PLC, the voltage and/or current may be too low for standard contacts.

For these applications, Vibraswitch vibration monitors can be supplied with an optional sealed switch with gold contacts.

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