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XP70 plural component paint sprayers from Graco

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Engineered by Graco specifically for two-component coatings, XP70 paint sprayers provide high pressure performance for spraying high viscosity, high solids coatings.

With a trend towards high solids coatings in the industry, XP70 paint sprayers are designed to pump, mix and atomise these materials with solid results.

The spray system handles:

  • environmentally-friendly high solids coatings, with little or no solvent
  • hybrid polyurethanes
  • epoxies
  • very high solids coatings, up to 100%
  • materials requiring heat with optional heaters; and
  • fast-curing materials.
XP70 paint sprayers are capable of variable ratio performance by simply changing out one or two pump lowers, and have been designed to maximise gravity feed to eliminate the need for feed pumps in some applications.

The XP70 is suitable for spraying applications that include:

  • tanks
  • pipes
  • bridges
  • wind towers
  • railcars
  • wastewater treatment
  • structural steel
  • refineries; and
  • roof coatings.

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