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Updated Graco PCF metering system offers PrecisionSwirl capabilities

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article image Updated Graco PCF metering system

Graco  announces the release of the enhanced version of its PCF metering system.

Used in conjunction with a material supply system and robotics platform, the Graco PCF metering system is a flow metering and dispense system that ensures a precise, continuous flow of material.

Adhesives or sealants are pumped from a variety of supply containers through the PCF fluid plate. Material is constantly metered and controlled, providing accurate control with no limitation on shot size. Closed-loop technology provides real-time adjustments for changes in material temperatures, viscosities, dispense rates or robot speeds, providing manufacturers with a highly precise, continuous dispense.

The Graco PCF metering system is ideal for a range of applications with lower material viscosities (1,000 to 1,000,000 cps).

Key upgrades to the Graco PCF metering system:

  • With easy-to-read system status display and alert messages, the Advanced Display Module (ADM) can control up to four fluid plates with a Communications Gateway Module (DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS, PROFINET) and up to two fluid plates with a Discrete Gateway Module.
  • The ADM makes it easy for manufacturers to integrate PrecisionSwirl technology into the system. The PrecisionSwirl electric orbital applicator applies sealants and adhesives in a uniform, circular loop pattern, with clean edges and no mess.
  • An ultra-high resolution flow meter is designed to handle flow rates as low as 6 cc/min or shot sizes of less than 1 cc.

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