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Graco XM PFP plural-component sprayer for passive fire protection materials

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article image Graco XM PFP plural-component sprayer

The new Graco XM PFP plural-component sprayer is part of a range of application equipment solutions designed specifically for epoxy intumescent fireproofing materials. The Graco XM PFP enables correct application of Passive Fire Protection (PFP) materials on various structures.

Oil fuelled fires reach high temperatures fast, weakening structural steel. PFP materials make structures more resistant to fire by insulating them from high temperatures, delaying the weakening process and allowing sufficient time for evacuation before structural collapse.

The new Graco XM PFP plural-component sprayer is easy to use and offers precise ratio control. Graco spray equipment can handle the toughest epoxy intumescent fire protection coatings.

Key features of Graco XM PFP plural-component sprayers include ability to handle two-part materials from 1:1 to 10:1 ratios; precise ratio control within ±5%; accurate, on-ratio mixing to reduce material waste; and heating system allowing fast start-up times. Closed-loop technology adjusts the heaters to achieve optimum spray performance in the most extreme conditions.

The passive fire protection materials sprayer can be used for coating pipe racking; structural steel; storage tanks; onshore and offshore oil rigs; and living quarters.

Graco’s data reporting technology allows the user to verify that epoxy intumescent fireproofing materials were sprayed on-ratio, at the specification set by the material manufacturer.

The Graco XHF spray gun is a high-flow, high pressure gun that can easily handle high-viscosity coatings, fibre filled materials and epoxy intumescent materials. Designed to reduce clogging for more uptime, the spray is rated to 7250 psi (500 bar, 50 MPa).

Graco also offers the Xtreme PFP sprayer designed for smaller jobs including spraying hot-potted PFP epoxies.

Key features include NXT air motor featuring a standard de-icing function for continuous operation; ability to handle high-viscosity coatings; 6500 psi (448 bar) working pressure; large inlet check with extended ball travel; pail ram plate with high down force and air-assisted removal; large outlet check for improved pattern control; compact heavy-duty cart withstanding extreme conditions; and easy handling for one person.

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