Graco Petroleum Management and Industrial Lubrication Equipment for Heavy-Duty Construction and Mining

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The range of Petroleum Management and Industrial Lubrication Equipment from Graco offer durable and affordable solutions that are ideal for demanding applications in heavy-duty construction and mining.

The Hydraulic Dyna-Star from Graco provides long-lasting, high pressure performance by tapping into low or high pressure hydraulic circuits

  • Automatic lubrication system the provides continuous lube replenishment
  • Prevention of expensive component failures
  • Pre-configured pump kits for injector or divider valve based systems for maximum flexibility
  • Convenient pressure and flow control built-in
  • Hydraulic control module
  • Graco controller, level indicator, pressure switch, follower plates and drum covers as available options

Graco offers a wide variety of options for the Hydraulic Dyna-Star

  • 27kg pump length
  • 54kg pump length
  • 181kg pump length
  • 27kg reservoir
  • 41kg reservoir

Ideal for use in demanding applications, Graco’s GTP10 and GTP12 fuel transfer pumps have built a solid reputation as rugged, long lasting pumps.

Suitable for a range of liquid and fluid transfer and lubrication, the GTP10 and GTP12 Transfer Pumps feature:

  • Heavy duty, die-cast aluminium
  • CSA listed motor
  • Built-in relief valve and filter strainer
  • Easy-to-lock security
  • High quality, UV resistant automotive finish

Graco LD Series Pumps and Packages are designed for lower volume applications and are available in 3:1 and 5:1 for oil and 50:1 for grease

  • Three inch air motor for better flow and more power
  • NXT Air Valve that reduces icing in continuous use applications
  • Easy to repair or replace resulting in less machine downtime
  • Modular Air Valve that are easy to install and configure
  • Built-in Thermal Relief and Inlet Strainer to protect pumps from damaging contaminants

The LD Series Pumps and Packages from Graco are air operated piston pumps that are fine-tuned, compact and flexible.

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