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The Graco EP Series hose pumps are positive displacement pumps featuring a full 360-degree rotation.  

A single, oversized roller compresses a low friction hose through a full 360-degree of rotation. Since EP Series hose pumps use a single roller to compress the hose once per revolution, the hoses last longer while reducing maintenance and downtime.    

The availability of several hose diameter options within the same housing provides greater flexibility while increasing the versatility of the hose pumps for use in a wide variety of applications.  

Graco EP Series hose pumps are uniquely designed to handle tough jobs with only the inside of the hose in contact with the fluid being pumped, making it easy to sterilise and clean.  

Graco’s 360-degree hose pump is designed to put 40% less stress on the hose compared to conventional shoe pumps running at the same flow rate. Engineered for long life and durability, the hoses are available in a wide variety of configurations for demanding applications.  

Key features of Graco EP Series hose pumps:  

  • 50% more flow per revolution than conventional designs
  • Gentle pumping action ideal for shear sensitive materials and fragile cell cultures
  • Inexpensive to maintain with no valves, seals and glands or moving parts in the fluid stream
  • Quick replacement of hose and tube
  • Reversible pumps can be used to empty lines or clear blockages
  • Integral drive and motor can run at speeds as low as 1 rpm
  • Removable cover allows easier access to internal parts for simple maintenance
  • Compact footprint; ideal for space-constrained applications
  • 8 different hose materials to suit different application requirements
Graco EP Series hose pump models:
  • EP2 used for chemical metering applications
  • EP3 used for chemical metering or sanitary applications
  • EP4 used for abrasive material transfer applications

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