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Pentair releases new EMP6 Particulate Emission Monitor.

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Pentair has released their newly designed EMP6 Particulate Emission Monitor, available from Goyen Controls Co .

Due to more stringent standards for clean air and ISO14001 environmental management systems, regulations of plant particulate emissions is now a significant activity in the operation of many manufacturing and process faculties and the EMP6 emissions monitor will enable designers and operators of reverse jet pulse cleaning systems to achieve significant improvement in monitoring particulate emissions utilizing its AC Coupled Triboelectric technology. As particles travel through the process the develop charge. This charge is transferred as the particle passes or impacts the sensing element. The resulting current is amplified, filtered, rectified and further filtered looking only at the AC component, to give a linear representation of the concentration or mass flow rate of the particles in the gas stream.

The reason for measuring the AC component is that compared to the DC component the electronics are more sensitive. The AC signal is substantially less affected by influences such as amplifier noise and process parameters, which includes the built-up of process dust on the sensing rod. The EMP^ emissions monitor remote sensing head totally filters out any 50Hz or 60Hz frequencies related to mains supply. The amplified signal is then sent via data cable to control unit for further processing and display. 

Where would you use an EMP6 emission monitor?:

  •  The emissions monitor is applicable for all types of outlet stack geometrical arrangements 
  •  Insertion temperatures up to 200°C (392°F), and higher if required.
  •  Applicable to most particulate types
  •  For duct sizes from 50mm (2”) to outlets over 10m (33ft)
  •  Dust concentrations from 0.01mg/m3 (4x10 – 6gr/ft3)
  •  Sustainable for a wide range of dust collection, gas cleaning and stack emissions
  •  Suitable for most stack material e.g. steel, brick etc.

The EMP6 emissions monitor:

  •  The emissions monitor continuously monitors for filter media leakage
  •  Indicates and transmits relative condition of bags
  •  Provides a 4-20mA and 0-10VDC output designed to feed a PLC or other display device
  •  Continuously monitors particulate flow, primarily emissions from process plants
  •  Can be calibrated for mg/m3 (gr/ft3) or mg/s (gr/s) following calibration to Iso-kinetic sample
  •  Push button and remote input to enable zero and span checks
  •  Built in data logging capability for redundancy
  •  Acts as a preventative maintenance tool
  •  Detects most particulate particles regardless of composition
  •  Very sensitive due to AC Coupled technology
  •  The emissions monitor can monitor extremely small particles, e.g. galvanizing fume (~0.1μm)
  •  Can be calibrated for large range of concentrations or mass flow rates 0.01mg/m3 to 800mg/m3 (4 x 10-6gr/ft3 to 0.35gr/ft3)
  •  A seamless interface with industry standard PLC, data logger or SCADA • Can dramatically reduce plant downtimes when interfaced into existing plant monitoring equipment.

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