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Gorter Hatches provide a range of easy to install retractable scissor stairs or attic ladders for industrial and domestic attics and ceiling spaces. These safety scissor stairs are fitted with wooden ceiling panels and hand rails for added safety.

Fire rated scissor stairs with retractable capability

  • Fire rated scissor stairs, load tested up to 450kg
  • Retractable capability for easy use, requires less than 3kg of force
  • Cater for most ceiling heights, making it ideal for suspended ceilings
  • Made from durable aluminium
  • Overall finish can match the existing ceiling colour
  • Designed with Anti-skid steps, Hook and eye and stair guide control system
  • Telescopic Handrail for left or right hand installation
  • Padlock hasp to lock attic ladder into place
  • Safety Approval Report (EN-ISO 14122-3) in accordance international standards

Retractable Attic Ladders with optional features

  • Fire rating (60 minutes fire rated, type EI-60, opening size - 700mm x 1200mm)
  • Extension for floor to ceiling heights greater than 3000mm (not available for small)
  • Plenum extension for suspended ceilings without changing gradient of steps (max ceiling to roof height - 1200mm)
  • Dual handrails (standard on extra large)
  • Electrical operation

Gorter Hatches scissor stairs or roof access ladders are lightweight and easy to operate, making it an ideal solution for any roof access requirements.

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