​The PURIFIER™ 170 Air for the Elimination of Harmful Bacteria and Unpleasant Odours

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Incorporating the latest innovations in purification technology; the PURIFIER™ 170 Air is the most powerful and effective eliminator of lingering odours found in cars, trucks, RVs, caravans and homes.

Engineered to not only eradicate obvious odours such as smoke, mildew and strong cooking smells; the PURIFIER™ 170 Air actively seeks out harmful bacteria and allergens by penetrating the fabrics of sofas and chairs.

The PURIFIER™ 170 Features:

  • A built-in diagnostic system that will inform the user the specifics of any problems that occur using an LED screen
  • Unique timer function that can be set to start and stop at your convenience
  • A Handy set-up that reminds users to change the bulb every 5000 hours
  • Green LED indicators to show that the unit is functioning; preventing entry into sensitive treatment areas
  • User-friendly controls with state-of-the-art safety features for easy-operation
  • No residual moisture left over after operation, unlike similar models from main competitors
  • Can be operated using both mains power and 12V car cigarette lighter adapters

Offering the latest in O-Zone technology; the PURIFIER™ 170 works by enveloping the space and eliminating the source of the odour – not just by masking it with fragrances.

Sophisticated, reliable and highly-advanced; The PURIFIER™ 170 is designed for optimum performance. 

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