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Super Seal Total Preventative Maintenance System from GO Distribution Drives Energy Cost Down in Winter

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The Super Seal Total solution from GO Distribution is formulated as a complete preventative maintenance system for HVAC/R systems to drive energy consumption down in winter.  

HVAC system weakness can drive energy costs far higher in winter with falling temperatures increasing the load on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems at commercial, industrial and residential buildings.  

HVAC and refrigeration specialist Gary Oborne of GO Distribution comments that winter demands on HVAC systems for heating can be heavier than summer demands for cooling.  

Electricity suppliers estimate HVAC systems typically account for 40-50% of the total energy bill for business and commercial buildings. Temperature inside the buildings should be set at 18-20ºC for comfort and energy efficiency but every one degree indoor temperature increase in winter can increase energy use by 15%.  

According to Mr Oborne, the higher demand on HVAC systems in winter means that any system weakness including micro-leaks can cost money and impact the building’s carbon footprint.  

Super Seal Total from GO Distribution is a proven HVAC preventative maintenance system that can assist in reducing a building’s carbon footprint and drive down energy costs.  

Super Seal Total can also help avoid expensive overhauls or replacement of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVAC/R) as diverse as those used in the food, beverage, hospitality and primary processing industries through to large-scale shops, shopping centres, offices, factories and infrastructure as well as processing plants.  

Manufactured by Cliplight Manufacturing Company, Super Seal Total combines three proven products formulated to prevent refrigerant leaks that drain energy and pollute the environment in addition to repairing existing micro leaks and detecting larger leaks at the same time. 

  • DRY R formulation eliminates moisture acid and sludge formation in commercial, industrial and residential HVAC systems  
  • Super Seal sealant permanently repairs leaks up to 300 microns in evaporators, condensers and pipelines  
  • Ultra-violet tracer dye marks any leaks that are too large for Super Seal to seal, making them simple to detect with standard UV fluorescing lights

The three products combine to provide four key benefits to the user: eliminating moisture, preventing acid formation, sealing micro leaks and detecting larger leaks.  

Dry R creates a dry, stable environment that extends the performance and lifespan of the UV tracer dye as well as the Super Seal sealant, which can remain active in the system for up to seven years or longer.  

Dry R works with the HVAC/R system’s liquid line dryer and extends its ability to remove moisture from the system, preventing acid formation.  

This stable environment in turn extends the lifespan of Super Seal, a low viscosity, particle-free liquid formulated to circulate with the oil and refrigerant throughout the system until it encounters a leak.   

On leaking out of the exit hole, the sealant reacts with moisture in the atmosphere to form a low tensile crystalline structure that provides a permanent seal for leaks up to 300 microns. Super Seal has the ability to withstand internal pipe pressure up to 750 psi.  

Any leaks that are too large for the sealant to repair are marked by the UV tracer dye for easy detection with a UV fluorescing light.  

Key benefits of Super Seal Total preventative maintenance system: 

  • Prevention, repair and detection capability saves time and money for system owners by eliminating spoilage, system downtime, high energy use and escalating maintenance bills
  • Prevents energy wastage and pollution caused by leaks and moisture/acid build-up in HVAC/R systems
  • Helps system owners trace, detect and repair leaks quickly

Introduced following five years of product development and in-field testing, DRY R complements the existing range of HVAC/R sealants, which have become extremely popular throughout the refrigeration industry.  

Cliplight Manufacturing Co has served the automotive and industrial HVACR markets of North America for more than 30 years with its technologies.

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