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From Cliplight comes a range of no-mess UV lights, dyes and kits designed for instant detection of leaks and spills.

The SEEKERmax™ (87DCPLUS) UV Inspection Light Detects Leaks in any Environment

  • Powerful single UV LED
  • Capable of long distance leak detection
  • Daylight-effective brightness
  • Robust aluminium construction
  • Rechargable 2200 mAH lithium ion battery with four hours of continuous use

The 450plus™ (450DCPLUS) is an Advanced Blue LED Inspection Light Capable of Long-Distance Leak Detection

  • Focused, wide and strobing beam capabilities
  • Powerful single blue LED
  • Operates on AC and DC power supply
  • Rechargeable 2200 mAH lithium ion battery with four hours continuous use
  • Sturdy and robust aluminium construction

The SEEKERmini™ (84DCPLUS) Provides a Perfect Circular Spotlight and Fits Easily in Your Pocket

  • Patented lens technology provides high-powered UV output
  • Constant or strobe beam that can be focused for intensity
  • Handy, compact size

The Focus & Strobe (88DC) Inspection Light Packs a Big Punch for a Small Light

  • Powerful single blue LED delivers constant or strobe beam
  • Convenient, compact sizing for tight spots
  • UV enhancing glasses included

Cliplight Leak Detection Kits are Convenient and Include:

  • SEEKERmax™ UV Inspection Light
  • Dye Injectors and application hose
  • 2x14 shot cartridges with UV glasses
  • 240V and 12V chargers
  • Sample bottle of dye cleaner and complimentary drip guards

Cliplight Offers Quick, Clean and Accurate Dye Injectors

  • Precise and economical injection method
  • Complete with application hose, R12 adaptor and 2x14 shot cartridges
  • 1 shot treats up t 750ml of system lubricant (HVAC systems)

FLASH™ High Resolution Universal Dyes are Highly Stable and Will Not React with Moisture

  • Flashes into the system for immediate distribution
  • No POE oil
  • Highly stable and does not crystallise with moisture
  • No dye injector required

Easy-to-use and reliable, Cliplight’s range of leak detection products set the standard, and are suitable for both the automotive and HVAC industries.

Distributed by Go Distribution; exclusive agents for Cliplight Manufacturing. 

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