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Low voltage power MOSFET module

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article image Easy to miniaturise.

MITSUBISHI Electric has released a range of 6-element (3-phase inverter bridge circuit) MOSFET modules, available from Glyn , covering 100A, 200A, 300A in 75V, 100V and 150V ratings.

A newly developed package makes the module's external design easy to miniaturise, with dimensions of 100 x 90 x 30mm. Compared with using 3 of the company's previous low-voltage IGBT modules (2 terminal), only about 1/3rd the module installation space is required.

The large decrease in required installation space makes a major contribution to device miniaturisation as well as total cost.

The P and N terminals and output terminals are arranged opposite each other on the package, enabling easier external wiring. The connector to the gate source sense terminal is adopted and assembled, making it easier to exchange.

With previous discrete-type MOSFETs in multiple connection, the amount of avalanche voltage was kept low. This time, 1 element 1 chip is realised, making the snubber circuit obsolete, and strengthening the amount of avalanche voltage.

The module's built-in thermistor can be connected to a special monitor to detect a rise in temperature easily and improve device reliability.

Low-loss trench MOSFET module contributes to the miniaturisation of large controllers for low-voltage power sources. Demand is rapidly growing for buildup boards that can carry several or dozens of semiconductors and LCRs for modules.

Recently, in particular, the actual examination of 60-80μm level narrow-pitch flip-chip mounting has begun, and demand is rising for these highly minute boards as substrates and interposers for modules.

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