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EM Microelectronic ultra low voltage flash microcontroller family from Glyn High-Tech Distribution

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EM Microelectronic announces the EM6819, a new 8bit flash microcontroller, available through GLYN High-Tech Distribution , that is capable of working with a single 1.5V battery. The circuit integrates an On-Chip Temperature Sensor, 10bits ADC and Op Amp.

The flash microcontroller features 0.9V up to 3.6V without the need for external components and offers a unified general purpose non-volatile memory (GPNVM) for Data (up to 12kB) and program code (up to 17kB) with user defined memory allocation between the two. A built-in self-write feature allows easy software field updates. 

Internal anti-counterfeit functions of the flash microcontroller ensure full instruction code protection. Using its embedded DC-DC the EM6819 flash microcontroller creates up to 3.3V stable supply voltage and is capable of delivering 40mA at 0.9V. Increased current is available for higher battery voltages and a blue 3.3V LED can directly be lit from 0.9V.

Accurate RC clock frequency generation (1%) is offered (pre-trimming and SW on-chip temperature compensation) and five individual oscillators are available to configure system clocking allowing micro controller operations up to 7.5 MIPS. 

Using EM Microelectronic's lower power IC technology, the flash microcontroller device operates in active mode at 1mA @15MHz and at 400nA in power down mode.

The new microcontroller is available in several memory sizes and functional configurations and the integrated power management makes the EM6819 flash microcontroller ideal for use in portable and battery powered platforms as well as consumer and industrial applications. 

EM6819 microcontrollers are available in a series of packages (SOP08 up to TSSOP28, QFN32) and EM Microelectronic also offers professional development support tools with enhanced debug-on-chip and in-system programming interfaces.

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