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CMEL releases new version OLED display module

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article image Active Matrix OLED display module

CMEL, available through GLYN High-Tech Distribution , has now released its 2.8” Active Matrix OLED display module (Part No. C0283QGLD-T) to further expand its growing OLED display range.

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) is a self light-emitting technology composed of a thin, multi-layered organic film placed between an anode and cathode.

In contrast to LCD technology, OLED does not require a backlight. OLED possesses high application potential for virtually all types of displays and is regarded as the ultimate technology for the next generation of flat-panel displays.

The use of OLED technology offers the following advantages for flat-panel displays:

  • A simplified manufacturing process compared to TFT-LCD
  • Self-emitting light, in contrast to the required backlight for TFT-LCD
  • High luminosity
  • Lightweight and thin (less than 2 mm)
  • Capable of wide viewing angles (~180°)
  • High contrast ratio (up to 10,000:1)
  • Low operating voltage and power consumption
  • Good response time (~ µ second level)
  • Wide range of operating temperatures (-40°C to 85°C)

OLEDs are ideal for hand-held applications due to their low energy consumption, light weight, small dimensions and the broad temperature range.

Currently the consumer market such as mobile phones and MP3 players are still the main application areas of these OLED displays but OLEDs used in industrial applications are now getting quite popular due to the above advantages.

CMEL 2.8” Active Matrix OLED display features:

  • Driving mode: Active Matrix
  • Colour mode: Full colour (262K colour)
  • Driver IC: S6E63D6, COG assembly


  • MPU i80-system 18-/16-/9-/8-bit bus interface
  • MPU i68-system 18-/16-/9-/8-bit bus interface
  • Serial data transfer interface
  • RGB 18-/16-/6-bit bus interface (DOTCLK, VSYNC, HSYNC, DE and DB17-0)

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