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METO Tagging Guns from Gleeson Agencies provide an efficient way to attach swing tags to products, enabling promotional or general information about the product to be attached.

Tagging guns are ideal for soft toys, clothing, socks, underwear and items requiring a small hook as well as a wide range of other manufacturing and retail applications.

Tagging equipment for manufacturing and retail
The Gleeson Agencies range of products includes:
  • Standard tagging guns – Used for general goods
  • Fine tagging guns – Used for products where a finer/thinner tagging pin is required
  • Tagging pins – 15mm, 25mm and 65mm lengths
  • Tagging hooks – 35mm tagging hooks
  • Swing tags – 49x29mm white swing tags, with printed and coloured swing tags also available
  • Needles – Standard, heavy duty and fine
  • METO Fastener Loop Tool – The ideal tool for tagging apparel. Its unique loops systems lets you tag delicate garments without perforation and apply tags to solid items such at luggage and sporting goods
  • Loop locks – Available in 3 sizes: 75mm, 150mm and 225mm

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11/10/06 - Tagger guns have been available for many years, and finally, there is a product that uses a loop system, allowing products and delicate garments to be tagged without perforating the items.

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