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Label your products with a:
  • Price
  • Date
  • Code (alpha/numeric)
  • Consecutive numbers
Some of the many benefits of using METO tools to label your items
  • The fastest method on the market to label items in bulk
  • Tamper-proof your labels so customers can’t switch prices/dates
  • Display your logo (or anything else) on your labels
  • Code your products, prices, purchase date (or anything you like)
  • Price your products with both the regular price and sale price
  • Many different product features to suit your requirements
Options include:
  • Single-line, two-line and three-line labels available
  • Many sizes available including 18x11mm, 21x12mm, 22x12mm, 22x16mm, 26x12mm, 26x16mm, 29x28mm and 32x19mm
  • Removable adhesive so you or your customer can remove labels from an item without ruining the packaging (excellent for giftware)
  • Tamper Proof / Non-Tamper Proof labels
  • Freezer grade adhesive for storing in cold temperatures
  • Permanent adhesive so the label can’t be removed without destroying it
  • Weather-proof labels for outdoors
  • Multiple colours available
  • Label your products with a ‘Best Before’ or ‘Use By’ date. ‘Packed On’ and ‘Baked On’ are also available
Gleeson Agencies product range includes the following labels:

By Type

  • Price Gun labels
  • Date Gun Labels
  • Tamper Proof Labels
  • Non-Tamper Proof Labels
  • Permanent Labels
  • Removable Labels
  • Weather Proof Labels
  • Branded (Custom) Labels
  • Freezer Labels
  • Colour Labels

By Size

  • 18 x 11mm
  • 21 x 12mm
  • 22 x 12mm
  • 22 x 16mm
  • 26 x 12mm
  • 26 x 16mm
  • 29 x 28mm
  • 32 x 19mm

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21/02/07 - ARROW synthetic polylaser labels available from Gleeson Agencies are durable labels that provide water resistance.

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