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Superdome air-frame series portable shelters available from 1300 INFLATE

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In order to meet the needs of clients who require a large spatially superior shelter with a modern state of the art image. Giant Inflatables Industrial Solutions have reinvented life, in the form of their hybrid technology Superdome Airframe series shelters.

The Superdome air frame inflatable shelters, available from 1300 INFLATE , are an efficient, environmentally responsible design that can be set up and run in a labour efficient manor. In order to achieve efficiencies of power to run the hybrid air frame structure a semi- sealed design was chosen. This allows savings on power usage as well as contributes directly to the choice of low noise low amperage fan drivers.

The Superdome air frame design of this form of shelter does away with a solid metal or aluminium frames used by conventional tent structures and uses low pressure air in a semi-sealed structural cell frame. The feature that amazes is the cavernous internal space, and the high vaulting overarching ceiling. The height of these shelters is suitable for maintaining a pleasant ambient interior temperature even in the hottest conditions.

This range of shelters has been designed with a simple setup operation in mind after watching the SD1500 at the Top Gear Live in Australia show in Sydney. It was remarkable how efficiently and quickly this huge shelter was erected and how simple the anchoring system was. This show space for Shell V-Power was used as a multimedia spectacle with an interactive display. The lighting wiring and audio/video cabling was fed through cable ducts and was run to a central control desk at the back of the shelter. To top it all off the imposing size and exciting shape was branded with the high visibility logos over every entrance and looked smart and business like.

Each of the 10 large access points on the SD1500 model is controlled by removable doorways, which make the planning of the use so incredibly versatile. This demonstrates the sheer versatility of such a design. It is so adaptable to having large crowds moving through and around it. These rapidly deployable shelters could be used for many purposes. They have in the past been used for covers for demonstration booths, exhibition spaces, cooling stations at sports events, conference rooms, and temporary storehouses and assembly areas, where cranes and hoists are needed.

Optional extras that are available, allow for internal partitioning, joining of multiple units, internal lighting, and ventilation, heating and cooling. Hybrid versions of this design incorporate a sealed unit that does not require a constant supply of inflation air. It’s a functional Inflate and seal shelter that can also offer sections that allow high pressure inflation of an arch frame so that the structure can act as a hoist support for lifting loads.

In summary the advanced design and modern aesthetic looks smart, business like and practical with full colour branding as part of the cost effective package. It is supplied as a complete ready to operate system. It is a versatile high roof frame structure inflatable shelter on the market and really has the potential to allow operators to increase their scope of functions.

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