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Inflatable Pipe Plugs from Giant Inflatables Industrial

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The range of inflatables offered by Giant Inflatables Industrial have all been specifically designed and manufactured for use for mining and engineering applications.

These inflatable pipe plugs are simple to use and have been designed to be used with very little equipment.

Safe and Reliable Pipe Plugs
The range of inflatable pipe plugs offered have all been made in accordance to both Australian and International din standards. This ensures the pipe plugs will offer reliable and dependable performance.

Inflatable Pipe Plugs
These pipe plugs are often used for blocking dams, reservoir and storage tanks. This allows for outlet and inlet pipes to be leak tested and repaired. Other applications for these pipe plugs include:

  • Municipal testing of new and repaired pipelines
  • Blocking water/sewage flows during maintenance, modifications repair
  • Restricting, diverting and bypassing flow in pipes during modifications, maintenance or testing

Inflatable Pipe Stoppers, Inflatable Pipe Ends and Pipe Terminators
These pipe plugging products are great for keeping pipelines free of dirt as they can cap or block the ends of pipe systems. This allows any construction or maintenance jobs to be conducted with contaminants from entering the pipes.

Duct and Vent Balloons
These versatile plugging products can be used for various applications in Boilers, Gas Turbines with HRSG Stack dampers, coal fired power plants, mine shafts and mine vents, as well as louver damper failure in SCR applications. Other features of these pipe plugging systems include:

  • Reduces maintenance costs and downtime
  • Can block air ducts for maintenance in ventilation and cooling systems
  • Replaces conventional Timber and plastic barriers
  • Can be reused when blocking ducts in running construction or maintenance applications
  • Safe filter replacement in cyclones

Plug Up Inflatables
Plug Up are the ultimate isolation pipe plugs. A versatile plugging product with over 100 different of uses in various applications from  closing and isolating to stopping and plugging. These pipe plugs can be used for various sized pipes and ducts, and are effective during maintenance so that tools and fasteners cannot be dropped into inaccessible places causing expensive shutdowns.

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