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1300 Inflate  has won the contract to supply Inflatable pipe plugs and Inflatable Isolation plugs and duct stoppers for the shutdown service and major upgrade of the Mondi paper mill plant in Durban.

The contract will cover all the plugging and isolation product types that are supplied by the 1300 Inflate group and include:

  • Kevlar reinforced Pipe line testing plugs for the new sewer lines
  • Plug Up Isolation plugs and inflatable stoppers for isolating the pipe and duct lines when old branches are cleaved or fumigation occurs
  • Telleborg ODS 300/600 Kevlar reinforced pipe plugs were chosen for plugging all the branches of the turbine cooling system when the pressure test occurs after the major refit of the line.
  • Part of the supply agreement will also be the various types of inflation pumps and other pneumatic accessories used as part of the plug systems.
  • 1300inflate will be on site to check, train and monitor the use and affectivity of the full range of inflatable pipe plugs that are to be used on this shut, with special reference to the backpressures that are now being achieved with the plug up range of isolation plugs and the effect of fumigation chemicals on the range of materials used for manufacturing the entire range of inflatable pipe plugs, duct plugs and Isolation plugs.
  • A range of special purpose plugs and curtains will also be deployed to isolate sensitive area of the plant when the wash down occurs. This is being implemented to avoid any uncontrolled runoff into the main sewer or storm water drainage that may cause contamination,
  • The contract also includes the manufacture of a range of custom shaped inflatable pipe plugs for specific access hatches, which need to be sealed on this shut down.

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