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Getex assists Wyong Shire Council to meet OHS regulation requirements

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The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation was introduced in New South Wales 2001. It set out specific duties (Part 4.2) of controllers of premises in relation to managing asbestos risks.

The OHS Regulation requires controllers of premises “to identify any foreseeable hazard arising from the premises that has the potential to harm the health or safety of any person accessing, using or egressing from the premises”.

In particular:

  • Under Clause 34: a controller of premises must identify hazards arising from the presence of asbestos containing materials. A risk assessment must identify the actions necessary to eliminate or control the identified risks and should be regularly reviewed to ensure the control measures and risks are valid
  • Under Division 4, clause 44, a controller of premises must ensure that an Asbestos Register is established for each workplace. The controller of premises is required to provide all occupiers of the place of work with a copy of the register and all updates

Getex has completed the surveying of over 650 assets for Wyong Shire Council in order to establish a register of asbestos content in its buildings and other structural assets.

The asbestos register is designed to complement the current Wyong Shire Council inspection schedule and will ensure correct procedures are followed when renovations are carried out. Thereby helping to protect public health and ensuring the safety of employees, contractors and visitors.

An electronic asbestos register has been produced which has been designed to allow easy updating as identified asbestos materials are removed or treated.

The electronic asbestos register provides a medium by which a maintenance schedule can easily be prepared by running standard electronic queries.

The project is being managed by Getex Director Lee McAlister-Smiley.

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