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Vacuum Pouches, otherwise known as Vacuum Bags, are commonly used to package perishable food products and to protect against moisture, micro organisms, keep items sterile and provide a leak proof barrier. Vacuum pouches utilise the ultimate in protection whilst extending life and maintaining product integrity by reducing the atmosphere in the packaging.

Get Packed supplies vacuum pouches that range from stand-up pouches with snap lock capabilities, through to standard vacuum pouches. Examples of use of vacuum pouches would be (vacuum) bags of dog food, (vacuum) bags of ham, or (vacuum) bags of meat for roasting.

Vacuum pouches are also used for cheeses, smoked and processed meats, boneless and bone-in subprimals and portioned cuts of meat as well as sterilised medical and pharmaceutical items, clothing and keeping moisture from metal and electrical components. 

Get Packed can arrange for custom made vacuum pouches manufactured in Sydney, as well as custom printing. Vacuum chambers are also available from Get Packed.

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