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New solutions for increased packing protection

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Instapak Simple from Get Packed has been designed for those who currently go through several boxes of Instapak Quick bags per month. It’s the next step up without having to go to the larger Instapak System like the 900 series or the Instapak Complete system. Instapak Simple merges the premium performance of Instapak foam packaging with an on-demand delivery system with minimal training and servicing required.

This system is virtually mess-free as all the foam components are self contained at all times. The Instapak Simple utilises new foam mixing technology that provides assured, consistent, pre-determined packaging material every time. It eliminates pumps and heating elements that are required by the larger systems. It’s called simple because apart from being simple and easy to use the foam components are delivered in practical containers – small 9.4 litre jugs of chemicals that simply snap into place.

Features include 240v – 10amp electrical outlet; pre-set push button control; 9.4 litre jugs; designed for minimal service; and compact, mobile platform, ready and easy to use.

Learn more about the Instapak Simple packaging system in the following videos.

 Instapak Simple Foam in Bag Packaging System

Instapak® Simple™

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