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Hot Melt Glue Sticks and tips on best use

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Get Packed  now supply a full range of hot melt glue sticks for use with their range of glue guns. Hot Melt glue is made from 100% solid non-toxic adhesive containing no solvents or water. The hot melt glue is available in sticks, pellets or slugs and is heated in the chamber of the glue gun to form a liquid adhesive which is then extruded through the nozzle of the glue gun when the trigger is squeezed. When using glue guns and hot melt glue there are some main key points that need to be remembered for safety and to get the most out of adhesives.   


It is necessary to use protective eye wear and heat resistant gloves. Also long sleeves should be worn to protect the arms. The aim is to minimise the possibility that molten glue come in contact with exposed skin or hair. Make sure also that surfaces are prepared by making sure they are clean and free of contaminants like dust or water. In some cases it is worth lightly abrading the surface in order to improve the bond.   


Apply the glue to the more difficult to bond surface – generally hard smooth surfaces are more difficult to bond then the more porous surfaces. After applying the glue, mate the two surfaces together quickly and apply as much pressure as is practically possible, making sure the surfaces are not moved or adjusted after contact has been made. If the bond has been applied correctly, then approximately 50% of your strength should be achieved after 1 minute. 75% of strength should be achieved after an hour and full strength after a full day.

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