Plastic and Metal Butterfly Valves for pure and polluted materials by GEMU

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GEMU’s range of butterfly valves is designed to operate in clean or lightly contaminated areas as well as with liquid and gaseous, inert and corrosive materials.

Plastic Butterfly Valves that are easy to install and service
The GEMU 410 butterfly valve requires minimal installation and servicing times as it doesn’t need extra nuts, bolts or loose backing flanges with a nominal size of up to 100.

  • Isolates and controls inert and corrosive materials efficiently that may also include low levels of solid matter
  • Features moulded male threads and automatically centres itself
  • Designed for water treatment systems, swimming pools and irrigation systems in electroplating and chemical processing applications
The range of plastic butterfly valves from GEMU also includes:
  • 417 Manually operated butterfly valve
  • 423 Butterfly valves with motorised quarter turn actuator, optical piston indicator and manual override
  • 457 Manual butterfly valve for water with plastic hand lever
  • 450 Pneumatic butterfly valve for water with plastic piston actuator
  • 451 Water type butterfly valve with aluminium quarter turn actuator
Manual and Motorised Metal Butterfly Valves
The GEMU range of high performance and reliable metal butterfly valves includes manual, pneumatic or motor operated valves.

Depending on the model, some of the features include a plastic piston actuator, motorised quarter turn actuator, optical position indicator, manual override and the option of elastomer sealing, wafer, lug or u-form versions. Gemu Australia information and contact details


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