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High Quality Filtration Systems
The range of water filtration systems offered by GEBEL Aquasafe have gained a reputation for being able to consistently offer a high level of performance.

Reliable and tough, GEBEL Aquasafe understand the extreme work conditions filtration equipment are often exposed to and as such, have been constructed to offer excellent reliability and durability that other filtration systems can't match.

Applications for the Water and Wastewater Filtration Equipment
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Chemical
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing

Features of the Water and Wastewater Filtration Equipment
GEBEL Aquasafe are proud to offer a wide range of high quality filtration equipment which includes:

  • Air Blowers: 
    • High powered side channel air blowers
    • Designed to cover a vast range of applications
    • Some air blowers capable of producing up to 10 HP
  • Clarifiers: 
    • Custom made to individual specifications
    • Designed to meet specific needs to ensure that these filtration systems deliver optimum results
  • Filtration Media: 
    • Activated Filter Media (AFM)
    • Specifically designed to make chlorine safe to use as it prevents the formation of toxic chemicals
  • Pressure Vessels: 
    • Can be custom made
    • Offer excellent corrosion resistance and performance

Click on the link below for more information on GEBEL Aquasafe's range of filtration systems.

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15/11/10 - GEBEL Aquasafe introduces the Structural Poly Glass Pressure Vessels for residential and light commercial water softener/filtration.
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30/09/10 - GEBEL Aquasafe's Aquarite pressure vessels are designed for added safety in the storage of gases and liquids. All of GEBEL's pressure vessels are BS4994 standards certified.
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29/09/10 - GEBEL Aquasafe offer a range of tertiary effluent sewerage filtration systems to treat sewerage water from both small domestic areas and large municipal towns.
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28/09/10 - GEBEL Aquasafe stocks a wide range of side channel blowers or vacuum pumps for the removing of air and other gases in a range of industrial practices.

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