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QuickPanel RTU from GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms enables water/wastewater companies to maintain water assets at lower costs

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article image QuickPanel RTU enables water/wastewater companies to maintain water assets at lower costs

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms , a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, have announced their QuickPanel remote telemetry unit (RTU) applied solution enabling water/wastewater companies to monitor, diagnose and maintain water assets and processes through flexible communication architectures. The solution lowers maintenance costs and reduces 10-year asset life cycle cost.

Access to timely and accurate tracking of water chemistry and chemical inventories with efficiency can eliminate critical gaps in water data and the need to deploy service personnel, resulting in higher productivity. Backed by an unparalleled record of industry expertise, the QuickPanel RTU provides a sustainable advantage with a combination of advanced software, embedded and automation solutions. QuickPanel RTU is an integrated visualisation and control solution that provides the tools required for remote application needs. A combination of bright touch-screen displays and ProficyMachine edition software, QuickPanel RTU delivers flexible, scalable performance on a rugged hardware platform.

According to Alan Hinchman, Director, Global Industry, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms have been partnering with water operations all over the world to help them seamlessly integrate critical water data. Leveraging the latest remote monitoring technology, QuickPanel RTU can track and compare distribution flows with sales offering a proven approach that enables utilities to significantly reduce their non-revenue water.

QuickPanel RTU is a powerful solution that can integrate with existing PLC hardware locally and other RTUs throughout the system, seamlessly delivering connectivity across operations. Its open communications makes it suitable for mixed system architectures, as a QuickPanel RTU can connect directly to existing PLCs to upgrade legacy PLCs and RTUs to Ethernet communication with store and forward capabilities.

A visual interface for local operators allows site equipment to be operated manually, mitigating the operational impact of remote communication disruptions. The integrated controller keeps automatic equipment running through an outage. Once communications are restored, store-and-forward capabilities and local time stamping of alarms ensure nothing is missed.

QuickPanel RTU can range from simple, low I/O count applications through complex automation solutions that require the support of large numbers of I/O. It provides an information-rich, graphical interface and has the inherent benefits of providing a smaller footprint, centralised time synchronisation, local alarm time stamping, full IEC 61131-3 language support, and remote diagnostics and maintenance through a web hosting client.

Following are the features of QuickPanel RTU:

  • Efficient information delivery: Built on a Microsoft Windows CE operating system, QuickPanel RTU offers enhanced data buffering and built-in web publishing capabilities to effectively link remote assets to business systems. Key personnel from operators to managers can access accurate, comprehensive and integrated information when and where they need it.
  • Infinite scalability: QuickPanel RTU includes a broad range of display sizes from 6" to 15", choice of Monochrome or Color-TFT display, expandable memory and communications options and easy configuration to run the same programme on different size models.
  • Seamless connectivity:Addressing the need to integrate existing and future applications from different vendors and multiple architectures, QuickPanel RTU enables connection to a wide variety of automation devices. With a large number of built-in drivers, it can be flexibly networked back to a centralised SCADA system using phone line, radio, satellite and cellular topology.
  • With an open and connected approach, QuickPanel RTU offers flexible configuration to fit the requirements of the water/wastewater industry. It provides access to real-time information across the entire utility.

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